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When you hire a lot of people to work for you, you make things happen.

Why is it important to make things happen?

Can you explain?

When I got a 14.4K modem, my friends wanted one too.

Upgrading to 14.4KBPS was the in thing and whomever would be willing to spend the cash was the cool kid on the block.

You don’t have to eat that – It will go right to your Belly for storage.

That is what happens when you eat food that is designed for you to be a labor worker when you’re not a labor worker. Just say no to Donuts.

I’ll take the check please.

When going out to dinner, you’re
eventually going to receive the check to pay, so why not just go directly to the payment and pay for it?

Because life is all about the journey since there’s no end result.

Sit Lazy on the Couch OR Be on The Move and Watch your shows anywhere – Which is the shift going towards?

It’s obvious nowadays. a person doesn’t have to record their shows anymore like sticking a tape in their VCR. Remember when we had to make sure that the tape was in the VCR to record that soap opera show at 3pm or whenever it was on?