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People respond when you meet or match their sub-conscious desires





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Joke on cell phones with hot dogs

Thanks to some of the amazing people that we have been meeting, we are able to collaborate and help shed light to each other by brainstorming, discussing, and trusting, and which this leads to shedding more light at the end of the tunnel – it may seem like it’s too good to be true, however, it’s basically part of the process – as time is not unlimited, and opportunity does stay forever – It’s all timing and knowing when to strike it while the iron is hot.


When determining the potential of what you have in your hands can be so drastically affecting the marketplace by newer offerings or game changers, bringing in the bigger players who have a track record of doing it right, may be necessary as opposed to trying to re-invent the wheel.

Only when the leader at the top is held accountable, their management under their control is held accountable.

If the leader is not held accountable, then the management under them realize that and end up not delivering accountability themselves to the leader, and this chain reaction is seen throughout the chain where the link is weak and not as strong as it can be in an efficient, accountability-driven process.

Two big players controlling 100% of free cash flow in the mobile industry.

Is Silicon Valley still the place to be for TECH INFUSION and INCUBATION and MAINTAINING A CONTROL over the evolution of the future of AMERICA’S TECHNOLOGY ACCESS?

SoftBank CEO says Broadband Infrastructure that the US thinks is the “INTERNET” is a JOKE to the people who are visiting from outside because the INTERNET that Americans know is nothing compared to what the people outside of the USA actually have.

Softbank should think strategy

iPhones Review – Imran Khan Amplifier

Sprint and T-Mobile attacks Verizon and AT&T with $60.00 Unlimited Data Plan.

Sprint attacks T-mobile with $60.00 UNLIMITED DATA PLAN

This means that T-Mobile will have to counter attack back to Sprint by offering an even more UNLIMITED DATA PLAN, possibly, something that’s in the after life as we know it?

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Five reasons why Xiaomi is a serious smartphone player



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Can you tap into other dimensions with iPhones?


No one can really afford iPhones Intellectual Property rights


There’s still a huge amount of untapped market share for iPhones (for us)


What if people believed that the world will never run out of crude oil? Would people believe it if it was true?


What’s more advantageous? Gas Powered Vehicle or Electric Powered Vehicle?